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Welcome to the Class 1 MELT Program at Professional Roadmaster Driving School, your first step towards a fulfilling career in truck driving. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to navigate the highways safely and efficiently.

Truck Training (Class 1 MELT)

Embark on Your Journey with Mandatory Entry-Level Training

Welcome to the Class 1 MELT Program at [Your Driving School Name], tailored to set the foundation for your career in the trucking industry. As mandated by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and ICBC, this program is a crucial step for new Class 1 commercial driver's license applicants, aiming to enhance safety on BC's highways.

Why Our MELT Program Stands Out

Our Class 1 MELT Program goes beyond the National Safety Code Standard, focusing on skills crucial for navigating British Columbia's challenging terrains, from mountainous paths to diverse weather conditions. With trucking as a sophisticated career choice, our program equips you with the qualities employers seek: confidence, safety awareness, and professionalism.

Comprehensive Training for a Demanding Career

Since 2017, Professional Roadmaster Driving School has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional driver training. Our blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training for tractor-trailer units ensures that our graduates are not just drivers, but masters of their craft, ready to tackle the demands of the trucking world.

Preparation for MELT: Air Brakes and Knowledge Test

Before diving into the MELT program, you'll need to pass the air brakes and class 1 combination knowledge test at ICBC. We support your preparation journey by offering a complimentary Air Brakes course when you enroll in the MELT program.

Curriculum Overview: Classroom, Yard, and In-Cab Training

The MELT curriculum, designed in consultation with industry experts and regulatory bodies, encompasses:

  • Classroom Learning: Covering topics such as defensive driving, road rules, fuel-efficient driving, and freight hauling.

  • Yard Training: Practical skills including load security, pre-trip inspections,  coupling/uncoupling, backing and trailer handling.

  • In-Cab Experience: Real-world driving practice with a focus on backing maneuvers and mountain driving, ensuring you are ready for any challenge on the road.

Transform Your Driving Ambition into Reality

With a minimum required number of hours dedicated to each aspect of training, we ensure a well-rounded, thorough preparation for your truck driving career. Our 4-hour in-cab sessions, combined with extensive backing practice and mountain driving experience, are designed to forge competent, confident, and responsible drivers.

Begin Your Professional Trucking Journey with Us.

If you're eager to embrace the exciting world of trucking, Prodessional Roadmaster Driving School is ready to guide you. Our experienced instructors are committed to nurturing your skills, providing the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed.

Enroll in our Class 1 MELT Program today and drive towards a future filled with opportunities.

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