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Air Brake Endorsement (Code 15) Course, a vital training for those looking to add air brake proficiency to their Class 5/7N license. Designed in line with ICBC standards, this course is a cornerstone for drivers seeking to operate large vehicles such as trucks, buses, and certain recreational vehicles equipped with air brake systems.

Air Brake Endorsement

Elevate Your Driving Career with Our Specialized Air Brake Course

In a world where driving careers span from trucking giants to bustling city buses, mastering air brakes is not just an advantage—it's essential. At [Your Driving School Name], we understand this need and offer the Air Brake Endorsement (Code 15) Course, tailored for those who aspire to drive vehicles equipped with air brakes, be it in commercial trucking, passenger transport, or specialized recreational vehicles.

Understanding the Air Brake Endorsement


An Air Brake Endorsement is more than just an add-on to your license; it's your ticket to a broader spectrum of driving opportunities. Recognized as a special qualification, this endorsement signifies your ability to safely operate vehicles with air brake systems.

Your Path to Air Brake Certification

Following ICBC's requirements, our course entails a 7-hour comprehensive training program at our approved facility.

  1. Expert-Led Sessions: Our seasoned instructors, equipped with practical insights, guide you through the nuances of air brake mechanics, usage, and maintenance.

  2. Complete Certification Support: Avoid the hassle of multiple trips to ICBC. Complete your computerized knowledge test and practical certification test right here with us.

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