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Welcome to Professional Roadmaster Driving School, where our decade-long expertise shapes safe, confident drivers for life's roads.


Hardeep Sandhu

The journey of Professional Roadmaster Driving School began in 2017, but the seeds were sown long before. Hardeep Sandhu, our founder, spent a decade navigating the highways of North America, with the roar of a truck engine as his constant companion. Through rain-soaked nights and sun-drenched days, he mastered the art of long-haul driving, each journey engraving deeper lessons of safety, precision, and patience.


With the roads as his mentor, Hardeep realized that driving was more than a job; it was a lifelong passion—one that he wanted to share. He saw beyond the horizon, envisioning a place where he could pass on his knowledge, where every lesson would be a blend of his experiences.

Thus, Professional Roadmaster Driving School was born in Surrey, BC. The school started with a simple promise: to deliver practical, hands-on driving education that goes beyond textbooks and traffic rules. Hardeep's goal was not just to help students pass their tests but to leave a lasting imprint of responsible and skilled driving practices.

Hardeep’s hands-on approach to teaching is straightforward. He believes that a good driver is made on the road, not just in the classroom. His lessons are interwoven with anecdotes from his travels, offering insights that only years of real driving can bring. Students don't just learn how to operate a vehicle; they learn how to anticipate the road and respect its power.

Our Story

Today, Professional Roadmaster Driving School stands as a testament to the passion that Hardeep brings to the realm of driver education. With a team of equally dedicated instructors, the school thrives on its foundational values of safety, diligence, and personal care. Our classes, available in both English and Punjabi, reflect the cultural tapestry of Surrey, welcoming students from all walks of life.


As we continue to grow and navigate new roads, we hold true to the vision of empowering individuals with the freedom that comes from driving confidently. Every lesson, every mile, is a chapter in the larger story we're all driving toward—one of community, safety, and the open road ahead.

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